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Like many young and forward looking Americans, “we the people” at believe the founding fathers are twitching in their graves. Why? Because America of today is not what they had in mind when they set out to build this country.

They have a vision, we have abandon it. They have an ideal, we have deviated from it. They charted a path that is uniquely American and the generation before us allowed themselves to be led away from this path. The world wars not only change America, it derailed it’s development as a nation. The rest of the world have recovered and moved on. But, can the same be said of America today? Certainly no.

This realization is the guiding principle behind the need to and prepare this young nation for a better future.

Keyword is to ReBuildUSAtoday. And it is our wish to express this through three key issues.  Embrace technology. Embrace infrastructure update.  Embrace the new age of American energy.

With infrastructure update alone, we could:

– reduce the cost of healthcare insurance for women, young girls and kid up to their teenage years.

– introduce a tenure system to our higher education system. You perform, you stay employed in the system by getting your tenure-ship renewed. But if you are Chomsky and not coming up with anything new, then, you have to vacate the seat and let someone else in. The cost of benefit for maintaining teachers, lecturers, professors and researchers alone is affecting quality and driving up cost of keeping up our education system. This cost, i will drastically use to reduce and put more money into our high school system, colleges and several first degree programs – if they encourage rigorous research, development and independent studies.

– Government and tax payers’ funding devoted to early education is going to be the norm.

– will cut off billions of aid – spend to maintain more than a million strong Turkish armed forces, same to the Egyptian and Polish armed forces. It is American tax payers money going abroad. I will rather spend it on infrastructures that will improve our logistical capabilities, supply mechanism and economic facilitators like technology.

– will boost small businesses at the expense of big corporate bodies. Not only will the government be able to boost revenue by focusing on these groups, it means creating jobs at home. It also means tax payers jobs will not be shipped overseas.

– Policing the street will be brought into the millennium.

– the military will be built and equipped differently. I will introduce a “swift and sure” (SAS) policy for activating the military as a force for homeland defense and Asian pivot, or military as a service for Europe and the Middles east. No NATO.

– Russia will be seen as a catalyst for development rather than an enemy. Cold War ended almost thirty years ago.

– will limit Chinese expansion to 15th parallel (north of the equator) before engaging them robustly.

At the end of the day, our aim is to remind Americans, that manifest destiny is more home-grown and American than the great game. That manifest destiny should not stop at Oregon because a body of water – the Pacific, is in the way. No. We have the means (physical materials, resources and laws) to push and explore further from where Lewis and Clark stopped.

That the great game is a European benefit, adopting it as American will get the U.S. tied up in Europe and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the what is coming from Eastern European allies are examples of what George Washington said about not fighting or picking up sticks for allies “whose interest might not be same as ours.”

Like their humanity, the vision of the founding fathers’ was guided by trade, territory and a strong believe in the Pauline (Christian) act of inclusiveness. But like the distracted Good Samaritan, a wish to be open to others and a willingness to lend a hand has been allowed a back seat to multi-culturalism, and foreign interventionist policies.

So, one asks, if our government is not as big and as robust at home, then what direct purpose does it serve American tax payers – if it is more committed to others – with traditional values so strange and so different from a heritage that is American.

We are very well into the millennium and Americans are still taking their last breath in foreign fields. Do they really have to?



Abbey L. Smith (Smithie for President)
Chair and Acting Secretary – ReBuildUSAtoday
Friends Of Smithies New York (FoSNY)
RebuildUSA and The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America

We appreciate your support.