Platform we support

The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of the United States (La Alianza de Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos)
New York City Chapter
Party platform adopted for Abbey Laurel-Smith as SmithieForMayorNYC

In line with the Pilgrims Alliance Party of the United States (La Alianza de Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos) and ReBuildUSAtodayHPAC – it’s main PAC, I, Abbey Laurel-Smith do do hereby adopt the following party Constitution as a guiding principle for promoting the policies and the philosophy of PAL in the city of New York and within the State of New York.

By doing so, I envision a vibrant, a prosperous and a very safe future for city of New York. I see a unique city defined by trade and a world-class economy. And in the mold of a reconstruction era Patriot, I envision a superbly responsive city that caters for all and sundry. Our five boroughs, I see as local entities that serve all people – regardless of race, gender, color, sex and religiousw belief – while protecting individual liberty, second amendments and natural rights as given by the Constitution and the Charter of the city of New York.

In line with the Constitution and the rules and regulations of my party, I am committed to protecting the lives of aging New Yorkers.

I believe New Yorkers who have retired, or are close to retirement, should be free from worry that the resources they have built through years of work and raising a family will be siphoned off by inflation or by an erratic government action. Well, as stated in my campaign promise, I will enable laws that would prevent state or local governments from increasing property taxes on personal residences after owners reach the age of 65.

Like I said in 2013, I will make sure aging citizens enjoy their retirement. I will do my best to provide unparalleled resources of aging and retired New Yorkers – wherever they chose to reside.

Agriculture and fresh agricultural products are more than a source lifeline to the survival of New York City residents, they are surprisingly one of the city’s most rewarding industries. And as much as it exemplifies free market at work, it also highlights the spirit of the city and it’s commitment to living a healthy life style.
As Mayor, I would create a favorable policy that supports out of city farmers. And to the benefit of out of state ranchers, I would create a vibrant trading environment that allows them to reap rewards – for the risks they take year after year to make sure New Yorkers’ get fed. And as said in 2013, it is the only way to strengthen their ability to continue providing quality products, at reasonable costs to New York city consumers.

All in all, agriculture is more than a key to our city’s lifeblood. Over-regulation and heavy environmental activism should not be allowed to disrupt fresh feeds, foods, drinks and other agrarian supply chain for the city.
The New York City chapter of the Pilgrims Alliance Party believes one of the most fundamental duties of a government is to enhance public safety and welfare by crafting and enforcing laws that are fair, just, swift and very efficient.
We believe the city, not the state, and certainly not the federal government, should set criminal statutes. We believe qualified professionals – Judges and Attorneys should set the tune in court, and cases should be based on the laws of the land, precedents, merits and uncorroborated facts.
With this in mind, I will therefore remove jury duty from the city of new York courts, and allow trained and capable law professionals to do their duties as expected of them and as laid down by the law of the land. Also, the rights of crime victims are essential in a criminal process. As Mayor, I support the rights of crime victims to give statements in court, to be heard by the court as well as in parole proceedings. I also believe the right to collect restitution from defendants as enumerated by law should not be overlooked by the legislative or the executive. And neither should our law enforcement apparatus be given blanket, undefined and overreaching immunity.
The right to be given notification upon release of prisoners (type of crime and time served) and rehabilitation process should be taken more seriously than it is at the moment. Petty crimes and blue- collar crimes are tearing the city apart, the NYPD and other agencies are not adequately equipped to deal with the volume of what seemed to be aided more and more by technology and back channel funding. With these type of unique crime trend, it is imperative for the Mayor to reform the NYPD, the Courts and the criminal justice system. I will therefore remove the overbearing presence of the NYPD from courts and from providing security to Judges, to city officials and from providing physical protection and the security of our law makers and key city officials.
The NYPD, as at now is overloaded. It is doing more than expected of it. As Mayor, I will look into the NYPD’s organization structure and carry out a total re-org. Also, the type of policing system we have grown used to since the 50’s, is a concept that has driven many in the force to imply – by associating anti- social behavior with crime or a criminal intent. That is what “broken window, CompStat and other POP theories by Criminologists” turned our NYPD officers into. It is not only failing us, it is vastly turning the tax paying public against the NYPD. I will look into it, address it and go back to basics – as given by the city’s Charter, the Constitution and the Oath of allegiance.
We, at the Pilgrims Alliance, make a strong call for prison reform. We support prisoner work programs that help prisons become self-supporting. We also support a mandate that helps educate the prisoner.
As a city that is in the forefront of the larger War on Terror, the Pilgrims Alliance Party supports the criminalization of activities that advocate for terrorism, violent conduct, or the killing of innocent people. As an exception, I support the death penalty for anyone convicted of carrying out a terrorist attack on the city of New York or in any of the five boroughs.
I will enact a statutory tool to enact these set of reforms.
Free enterprise, diversity, direct investment in human resources, credits, bonds, derivatives and government regulation, is the key to creating jobs and a sustainable economy for the middle class, small businesses and New Yorkers’ in general.
New Yorkers’ are some of the hardest-working, honest, committed, focused and most entrepreneurial people in the world. And as much as we support right-to-work laws, we also reject mandatory closed union shops – where workers are forced to join unions against their will. This is killing the competitive edge in some areas, affecting standards as well as undue inflation. We also reject union workers being forced to make political contributions to candidates or to causes that they oppose.
For New Yorkers’ and New York city’s businesses to grow and thrive, we at the Pilgrims Alliance support investing more in a system that utilizes existing revenue sources for the purpose of creating new wealth. We oppose bonded indebtedness or the use of other revenues to prop up the old. As Mayor, I’d rather create wealth cross-board than to continue the bad habit of granting credits and more credits to known names and to keep certain unions floating.
I will create a Children’s Cabinet because every child in New York is entitled to a first-class education. Also, teachers are trained professionals, they should not be marginalized when it comes to drafting curriculum, common core standards or any measure that will strengthen academic standards of educating our kids.
We support an education system that ensures access and opportunity for all children. We are blind to the color of their skin, the circumstances of their neighborhood, or the socio-economic background of their home. Consequently, we support school choice programs, voucher and tax-credit scholarships, charter schools, educational savings accounts, and the right of parents to choose to have their child taught in academic English.
The top priority of our schools should be learning basic competencies, not social engineering. That is why we support metrics such as exit exams to evaluate basic competency, and creative learning methods.
On top of all these, Schools cannot function unless they are safe. So, besides providing a rigorous course of study, safety in schools at all grades and all levels is considered a high priority if not highest priority by the New York city chapter of the Pilgrims alliance party.
If legitimate votes are cast, freedom will not suffers. But if legitimate votes are made harder to cast, then freedom – our Grand Father’s gift, suffers.
We support efforts to ensure that all approved IDNYC card holders and registered citizens may easily vote – including first time voters, students, the elderly, the handicapped and our men and women in uniform. Every time a fraudulent vote is cast, freedom suffers by disenfranchising another voter who casts a legitimate vote. We therefore support IDNYC photo identification for voting in person, a robust signature verification for voting by mail or a unique password for voting online.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party believes in long-term responsible stewardship of New York city’s environmental foot print.
Protection and stewardship of the environment is key to our conservative values. And as a value, it aligns well with the goal of the city’s conservation, preservation and restoration agenda – which is about safeguarding our heritage, and the natural resources to which our history as a city, our make up as individuals, and our economy depend on.
Recognizing that environmental protection and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, we as a governing party believe we are accountable for common sense and for the creation of sustainable environmental regulations – that both protect the environment and out built heritage. We support
environmental policies that are based upon sound science. We support implementing programs that encourage innovation and the application of new technologies through market based incentives.
We are also of the opinion that: New York city’s environmental regulations must be considered in light of the effects that they currently have on workers, that they will have on workers in the future and on the economy and the state of being in the city in general.
We believe New York city’s colleges of technology and industries should partner up to lead the world in developing and manufacturing safe, renewable and sustainable energy.
We encourage the development of these new technologies and systems for use in the domestic market, as well as for export. We believe that entrepreneurs – using these technologies, innovations and other incentives – are more likely to solve environmental problems than bureaucrats. As Mayor, I will therefore support the creation of tax credits for homeowners and builders who incorporate alternative energy systems into their homes.
Dependence on foreign energy threatens both our national security and economic prosperity. Through private initiative and enterprise, we at the Pilgrims Alliance party stand for the development of energy that is independent from foreign sources. We favor clear environmental laws with consistent meaning and traceable legal standing.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party is the historic party of equal opportunity. We are here to champion racial and gender equality against any opposition.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party is the party of equal opportunity. We support laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and housing based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.
We believe that public service is a trust—one of the highest callings to which any man or woman may aspire.
Ethics in service to one’s fellow citizens goes beyond the letter of the law. The Pilgrims Alliance Party therefore calls on its members and appointed officials always to serve others, and to always demonstrate the highest standards of morality and honesty, whilst doing so. We must always give our best to improve our society and to inspire others to serve. And we shall never use our office for personal gain.
We see and regard the family as the only natural and indispensable institution for human development.
A strong and healthy family unit is the heart of the home. It is a safe surrounding where family decisions are made, children are raised, and morality is taught. The family is a foundation on which American society has grown and prospered for over 200 years, we must not let it fall to pieces. We believe public policy, education, family and marriage issues of any type should not be exploited to advocate a political agenda.
We believe that local or state governments should resolve political matters unless the United States Constitution expressly reserves such matters for the federal government.
The federal government has repeatedly violated the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution by encroaching on rights that are reserved and delegated to the states and to the people. The Pilgrims
Alliance Party firmly believes that the best governments are those most accountable to the people. We heed Thomas Jefferson’s warning: “When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another.” It is our believe that non-essential federal functions should be returned to the states and localities wherever possible.
Why? Because it is the government closest to the people that have the capability, knowledge, and sensitivity to local needs to effectively administer and deliver public services. Local jurisdictions’ diverse problems require local understanding. As Mayor, I recognize the unique abilities of local government and the inherent limitations of a distant federal government, that is why I am using this race to campaign for the transfer of rights, responsibilities, and revenues to local jurisdictions.
We support an open and transparent government that is accessible to all people that it represents.
Federal, state and local government bodies should make available all legislative, budget & spending documents in an easily searchable online database. We believe that all government bodies should publicly broadcast their meetings by means of television or internet streaming and provide ample time for public input in their decision making process. We support a transparent legislative process that would require legislation to be in print and available for public review at least 72 hours prior to any action being taken on the item.
Single payer healthcare system for New York City residents is imperative.
Maternity leave and paternity credits will be considered for women so single and divorced parents could spend quality time with their kids.
Our history is a story of immigrants. The Pilgrims Alliance Party welcomes and values each and every legal immigrant.
America continues to symbolize hope and promise to people from around the world. Immigrants help make our nation what it is today. The Pilgrims Alliance Party is fervently pro-immigrant. We take issue(s) with political advocacy groups that blur the line between lawful and unlawful immigration in public discourse. This isn’t good for anyone.
The current immigration tension could be relieved if we negotiate in good faith to fix our broken immigration system. If we look at the economic impact of immigrants – those that are here already, and their contribution to the economy, social security and our health care system. Failure to look at the positive impact of the presence of these group in our midst leaves our current immigration policy out of step with the modern world.
A sound immigration policy would affirm our country’s absolute right to protect our borders. At the same time, a sound immigration policy would permit legal entry to the workers a city like New York and America must have.
But before making any immigration policy, we at the Pilgrims Alliance Party believe it is necessary to revisit the displacement of natives of pre-Columbia descent by President Polk’s annexation of Texas and the Mexican cession of 1846/48, then, look at returning “pre-Columbian Mexicans” today as displaced natives, and consider extending the same indigenous Native rights that was granted to American Indians to them.
To do otherwise is to deny them a land that was culturally part of their heritage and a major part of their existence as a people. Denying them a legal status will stifle the ability of those in hospitality business to provide service, and hamper our farmers ability to procure the labor needed to timely harvest the fruits and vegetables that feed New York city residents.
One other fact to consider is, New York city hospitals need services of qualified doctors, nurses and other healthcare admin specialists. Young Americans of today are all going into tech industries because it cost less money and less time in college to study to become a programmer or a soft ware developer. This, like in many other fields is an area where immigrant professionals fill in the gap.
As Mayor, I will keep up our sanctuary city status. And as the city’s Premier executive, I will extend my Grandfather clause to all immigrants, and make all in and within my domain, the Mayor’s guest.
Justice is an American virtue. To make justice available to every person, we support legal innovations such as arbitration, mediation, and reasonable limitations on unnecessary discovery and motion practice.
We favor reasonable and consistent standards for punitive damages awards, which should only be available for intentional, egregious misconduct.
The New York City chapter of the Pilgrims Alliance Party is a vanguard for a strong national defense.
As part of our commitment to national defense, we recognize the rise in international terrorism against western democracies and understand that no country can successfully combat it alone. We believe in supporting our allies and in defeating international terrorists and those who directly or indirectly fund and support them.
But since the first duty of a government is to provide for the common defense of the homeland. The Pilgrims Alliance Party asserts that it is imperative that our troops should never be made committed to a foreign conflict – at the behest of an ally, unless U.S. national interests are directly at stake, unless there is a clear military goal and a firm exit strategy in place.
We object to a “surrender first” policy. We favor a robust and unique homeland defense – stretching from the Gulf coast to west coast states and the Pacific region. We firmly believe that NATO is out dated, and military bases in Europe and certain countries around the world are counter productive. We call for a new military formation, new doctrine, new equipment and new acquisition, research and development techniques for the DoD.
We hold dearly the believe that compensation for our troops should be fair, and we support a state income tax exemption while our troops are on active duty.
We acknowledge that a degree of tax freeze on certain properties for the best part of five years will curb inflation, save residential and commercial property owners hundreds of billions of dollars – to refurbish and refit space.
We believe it will provide a uniform stability for homeowners and small business owners alike to develop space and create jobs. We are sure all citizens, including homeowners, business owners, renters, as well as local governments, will benefit from our planned space program by developing basement and underground apartments in area where building new and developing further is hampered by existing zoning laws.
We stand for the principle that condemnation and government restriction on private property must only occur for public use.
One of the purest forms of tyranny is double jeopardy and government’s confiscation of its citizens’ private property. We reject condemnation or government restrictions on property without full compensation for such condemnations or restrictions. And we reject government condemnation of private property for non- public use.
We further support local land use decision making, with as much opportunity for public input on zoning and spatial arrangements. State and regional mandates on local government and private property owners will be re-assessed.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party respects each person’s individual conscience and is a strong proponent of religious liberty for all.
We support the City of New York’s Charter and the Constitution’s guarantee of the right to freedom of exercise and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference. We strongly support the United States Constitution’s safeguard against the establishment of a state- sponsored religion, while simultaneously protecting the free exercise of religion.
The United States Constitution guarantees the right of its citizenry to keep and bear arms.
One of the first acts of a totalitarian regime is to disarm its people, and New Yorkers’ have been totally disarmed. As Mayor, I will bring back the second amendment rights to New Yorkers. And I will set in place gun control laws that will deny criminals from getting gun permits, but not disarm and deny law- abiding citizens their inalienable right.
With a statutory tool, I will re-introduce the right of all New York City residents to own and bear guns and ammunition for lawful purpose only. Special and reasonable criteria will be set to allow certain law- abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons – if needed. We support an individual’s right to use deadly force to protect lives and property. We also propose amending New York city’s charter to reflect second amendment rights.
Finally, we call for the elimination of waiting periods to purchase firearms and instead support complete implementation of instant background checks and rigorous training for any who wish to own a firearm.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party is a party that protects innocent life because we believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death.
We support laws that protect unborn children from partial birth, sex selection, and tax-payer funded abortions, and abortions performed as a form of birth control or on minor girls without their parents’ notification and consent. We believe that the question of abortion is a matter that should be left to the people through their elected representatives, not usurped by the United States Supreme Court. Accordingly, we encourage the reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision.
We support adoption as an alternative to abortion and call on lawmakers to reduce the bureaucratic burden placed on adoptive couples. As a part of respecting the sanctity of life for disabled persons, we oppose efforts to legalize assisted suicide or euthanasia. We support a comprehensive ban on all human cloning.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party supports ethical stem cell research that focuses on cures and does not destroy innocent human life.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party is the party of balanced budgets, measured governance and fiscal responsibility.
We believe that taxes in the city of New York are too high, and that our state government spends too much. We therefore stand for the wise stewardship and responsible use of the people’s money. We support without exception and without apology a two-thirds vote requirement for tax increases, or tax increases labeled as fees, bonds, and the state budget.
We call for a constitutional ban on any bonded indebtedness to cover general operating deficits, and we oppose unfunded federal and state mandates. Our Party is a party that encourages elected city officials, legislators’ and the city hall live within its means. We therefore call upon our government officials to join a pledge to stand together against any new taxes.
Through expanding population and economic strength, there already exists a mechanism to automatically raise all of the revenue needed to properly meet New York city’s needs. New York city’s budget problems stem from a lack of fiscal accountability and control.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party believes that the answer to tax and responsible government spending is to prioritized infrastructure investment with specific operating funds. A reduction of bonded debt will not scupper our state’s financial situation, and in the end, we will not need to pass incurred financial needs – as debts to our children.
We acknowledge a responsibility to New Yorkers’ who cannot take care of themselves.
We support reasonable work requirements for welfare recipients who can work, and ending welfare benefits for those who can work but refuse to do so. We do not support giving any welfare or social benefits to people who are not legally qualified for it.
We recognize that unfunded public employee pension liabilities are currently the greatest threat to the financial security of our economy and government. We support the conversion of all public employee pension plans to 401(k)-style plans that provide only the benefits that have been funded by the actual contributions received. We support the adoption of an optional single-rate system to give taxpayers the convenience of filing their taxes with a one-page form. We also support the abolition of the death tax.
We believe that government is not equipped to participate, and should not compete, in the free market. And wherever the public’s money can be saved and the level of service increased, we call for the privatizing services now delivered by government. As of today, we reject the unjustified use of rhetoric like “shared responsibility” as justification for an increase of state government spending and wrongful expansion of the role of government, at the expense of individual responsibility.
We are free because of those who have answered the call to serve.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party salutes all California veterans and we commit to continued support for them through efforts such as, but not limited to, transition assistance, jobs programs, housing assistance, retirement benefits and health care. We support fair efforts to privatize the operations of the Veteran’s Administration in order to increase efficiencies and quality of care.
We encourage the comprehensive and efficient management of New York city’s precious water resources.
The Pilgrims Alliance Party believes that clean, clear and healthy water is New York city’s lifeline, and additional efforts must be made to protect and increase water supply to support the city’s growing populace and it’s ever thriving economy.
As Mayor, I promise a “total reform” of the NYPD! I will work for New Yorkers to bring the NYPD into the 21st century. Time to put an end to a practise that treat New Yorkers in all the five boroughs as if living in the Jewish gettho of the Venetian republic.
Stop and frisk or “Terry stop” is unconstitutional! And since more than 40% city residents are immigrants, it is my duty as Mayor to offer equal protection to citizens and non-citizens under the law. I will therefore issue special cards with the 4th, the 5th and the 14th amendment printed on it for all New York city residents’ ID’s.
Blue collar crime is more damaging to the city than petty crimes. I will leave no stone unturned tackling these high minded crimes, cyber crimes and other forms of crimes and criminal activities in all the five boroughs and the tri-states.
I will put a cap on rent hike and property tax. Why? It is one of many ways to create a sustainable economy and create jobs for New Yorkers. It is also the best way to bring back research institutes, educational facilities and businesses into city properties. New York city has more than a million empty “inner city” building and “dwelling” spaces, compared to less than a million homeless souls on the street and in shelters. It is bad habit for a Mayor to keep up the practice of granting “credits” to landlords – if they plan to keep their properties empty. I will put an end to this bad governance.
I will therefore enable affordable housing development by adjusting zone and spatial arrangements in all the five boroughs – so developers and landlords could either build upwards or build grand basement dwellings. And for security sake, I will make special provisions for digging deep and building basement dwellings throughout the city, because it is the best way to protect the city from EMP attack.
I will tackle obesity, solid waste management, carbon footprint and set up a Children’s Cabinet in the City hall, as way to boost prekindergarten education in all the five boroughs.
The right to bear arms and open carry is an unalienable right. It is a natural law that should never have been denied anyone who lives in the city of New York. I will bring it back.
It is imperative for New Yorkers’ to learn to recognize and defend the 2nd Amendment. And if I have free NRA membership to give away on my campaign trails, I will certainly do it. Guess what! It is going to be my way of saying, “Hey, Bloomberg and city officials have criminalized the Bills of Rights for so long. Time to stand your ground, push back, end this naked, fashionable, unconstitutional and un-American practice”.
Please keep all these points in your online folder and do not hesitate to remind me if as Mayor elected, I fail to live up to any of these promises.
We at the Pilgrims Alliance Party recognize the truth that: Government is meant to serve the people. And if elected Mayor, city of New York, I believe my government is solemnly trusted with the responsibility to craft long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.
With this in mind, I, Abbey Laurel-Smith, running and campaigning as SmithieForMayorNYC, do hereby pledge to be responsible for securing the safety of our families, for expanding our world-class economy, and for promoting fairness and justice for every New York city resident.

Platform adopted on December 5, 2014

Abbey Laurel-Smith “SmithieForMayor”
General Secretary, Treasurer, Party Liaison and:
Founder: ReBuildUSAtoday ReBuildUKtoday ReBuildCanada ReBuildAustralia
Founder: The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of the United States