SmithieForMayorNYC 2017
A single Candidate Committee for
The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of the United States (La Alianza de Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos)
New York City Chapter

The name of this organization shall be the SmithieForMayorNYC a candidate committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”).
The principal office of the Committee shall be located in the city of New York (37 east 28th street #201 Manhattan New York NY 10016)
“SmithieForMayorNYC” is a voluntary candidate committee, set up to assist with fundraising, liaison, hiring staff, public and media relations as well as general political campaign management of Mr. Abbey Laurel-Smith, known as “Smithie” for the office of Mayor, city of New York, 2017. In conformance with federal laws as well as the city and the state of New York’s campaign regulations, this committee is a non- profit, a tax-exempt organization an unincorporated committee, and it will be operated as such for this 2017 election cycle. SmithieForMayorNYC will work towards influencing governmental affairs through political action. And all donations collected for the committee will be used to employ the public (regardless of age, race, color or gender) to campaign during this election cycle to get-out-the-vote.
The general public from out of state, New Yorkers’ residing in any of the city’s five boroughs, and members of the candidate Committee and party who are U.S. citizens are eligible to contribute to the Committee. As the Committee is authorized to solicit and accept contributions from any person from whom contributions may be lawfully solicited – so long as they give details of place (work and address) are not felons and haven’t being disbarred from voting.
The candidate Committee shall be operating as a separate, segregated fund of The PILGRIMS Alliance party of the United States in support of candidate – Abbey Laurel-Smith as SmithieForMayorNYC 2017.

All contributions made to the Committee “SmithieForMayorNYC” by donors, party members and members of the public shall be voluntary. No contribution to the Committee shall be solicited or secured by physical force, job discrimination, or financial reprisal, or threat thereof, or as a condition of employment. Doing so will defeat the purpose of our party’s policy, our HPAC and this candidate’s Committee. All contributions to the Committee “SmithieForMayorNYC”, shall be maintained by the Committee as a separate segregated fund in one designated campaign depository. And all expenditures by the Committee in support of the candidate or political party shall be made from that fund and no other source.
SmithieForMayorNYC is composed of five members: the Candidate, campaign President, the Treasurer, the Committee Chair on Legislation and Advocacy and two other voluntary members.
1. Encourage members of the public to become aware of government, its process, and important political issues.
2. Assist the members and the public in organizing themselves for effective political action at both the state and local levels.
3. Raise funds for political action and to contribute such funds to assist SmithieForMayorNYC for this election cycle.
4. Use donations and all funds collected to demonstrate the committee’s interest in the need to:
• Reform the NYPD. Reform the Courts and city of New York’s criminal justice system.
• Transform the city’s education system by creating a “Children’s Cabinet” – as a way to drive
up teachers’ “professional input” and ensure parents’ proper guidance and investment in early child education.
• Address a growing concern for a better HealthCare system with “maternity leave” options for Women.
• Stand up for an urgent need for more public Housing. Create jobs and a sustainable economy by focusing more on small businesses through out the city.
• Working families, single parents’ and retiree need a better waste disposal system, a strong incentive for the middle class and a government that really works for the people.
• Partner up with landlords, industries and job providers to freeze property tax as a way to encourage research institutions and other developing industries that are being driven out of the city – due to rent hikes, to relocate back to the city.
The name of this committee is SmithieForMayorNYC. It is a single candidate Committee for the 2017 election cycle in the city of New York. It is a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt organization, and an unincorporated committee set up to campaign, raise funds and seek donations for the candidacy of Abbey Laurel-Smith. The committee is affiliated with The PILGRIMS Alliance party of the United States – a federally recognized “third option” political party C00570937 and ReBuildUSAtodayHPAC C00626481 – a hybrid political action committee.
The purposes of the committee are:
• To promote the improvement of New York city’s government administration and public policy
by encouraging New York city voters’, donors and future party members to take and active role in the city’s governing affairs.
• To encourage New York city’s voters’, donors and future party members to become aware of government, its process, important political issues, records and actions of public office holders, this candidates and this new political party.
• To assist this candidate, staff, donors, party members and the public in organizing themselves for a more effective political action.
• To raise fund for the aforementioned purposes, and from such funds to make contributions to assist candidate for City of New York’s top executive office.
• To seek and encourage other(s) – private and public, to demonstrate their interests and a willingness to contribute, and to endorse candidate for election.
Section 1. Members. Any party interested in joining the party, the committee and this campaign shall not be charged for voluntarily doing so. Membership is open to the public. However categories of required needs, skills and resources shall be set by the committee and this is subject to the approval of the Candidate and the Committee board of five (see appointments and composition).
Section 2. Contributions. Contributions to candidate Committee, as well as disbursement of such contributions, shall be subject to the approval of the Committee, and may be reviewed quarterly by the Candidate and the Committee board of five (see appointments and composition).
Section 1. Duties. The Candidate as the Director and the Treasurer of the committee shall have general supervision and control over the affairs and funds of the committee, and shall establish and carry out policies and activities of the committee.
Section 2. Composition and Terms. The committee shall consist of five members: the Candidate, campaign President, the Treasurer, the Committee Chair on Legislation and Advocacy and two other voluntary members.
Section 3. Members. Members to this committee shall be appointed on the basis of demonstrated leadership and involvement in activities of political organizations. Committee members shall be appointed for this election cycle only.
Vacancies shall be filled as deemed by the candidate.
Section 1. Election of Officers. Officers of the committee shall be a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and a Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall be elected for this election cycle only.
Section 2. Chairperson. The Chairperson shall be the chief executive officer of the Committee and shall be the ex-officio member of all sub-committees. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and shall appoint all sub-committee members.
Section 3. Vice Chairperson. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall preside at meetings of the Committee and shall perform other such duties as delegated.
Section 4. Secretary -Treasurer. The Secretary -Treasurer shall perform all such duties as are customarily performed a secretary-treasurer or as prescribed by the Candidate. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the candidate Committee and collect and disburse all moneys of the committee in accordance with the instructions of the Candidate and Committee members, keep full and accurate accounts, present financial statements, and make and file all reports to governmental authorities required by law.
This Constitution and by-laws may be altered, amended, or repealed by two-thirds vote of members of the candidate Committee, provided fourteen days written notice is given.
Section 1. These Articles shall be adopted effective upon approval by the candidate Committee’s executive board.
Section 2. These Articles may be amended from time to time by the candidate Committee’s executive board.
The Committee may be dissolved at any time by the majority vote of the candidate Committee executive board. In the event of such dissolution, all funds contained in the Committee’s campaign depository shall be distributed in a manner appropriate to existing city and state of New York’s law.
Contributions will only be made to candidate by the committee during this election cycle, 2017.
The candidate, the treasure and the legal advocate will always be represented at fundraisers and other candidate-hosted events.
Abbey Laurel-Smith “SmithieForMayorNYC”
General Secretary, Treasurer, Party Liaison and:
Founder: ReBuildUSAtoday ReBuildUKtoday ReBuildCanada ReBuildAustralia
Founder: The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of the United States